1. Unique design with LOW temperature under 100, melted plastic is only 40, no burning hands,so safety,
    so amazing!

2. Using 3D Printing Pen create your own 3D models, and make your drawings fly out the paper, and freezing in the air.

3. To draw everything on the surface or in the air for the creative minds of generation
4. Suitable for anyone, especially product designers, painting workers, students etc...
5. With LCD Screen display, and double click loading / unloading button for filling and remove filament automatically.
6. Voltage: 5V 2A (available for computer and power bank), low energy consumption.
7. Support with PLA filament which is environment friendly material.
8. Light weight, smart program control for easy operation.
9. USB adaptor (Included).

Product includes: One Roll of Filament in 5 meters.
Filament available colors: Red /Blue /Yellow /Green /Black /White.

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