1.It is really a craft gadget.
2.Take a photo or draw a picture to make your personal style badge
3. Impress everyone with your cute badge.
4. Put your DIY badge on your clothes, bag or any items.
5. No need battery

Step 1: Choose and cut your favourite pattern from our supplied designed sheet, or you may cut out picture from magazines.  

Step 2: Take “tray number 1” and put one metal cover plate, then the picture and finally the film. Slide the “tray number 1”
            into the Badge Maker completely. Then turn the axe of Badge machine downwards, until you hear two CLICK sound which              means that the three pieces are fixed together.  Turn the axe upwards until the axe reaches its highest point, you can take                     out “tray number 1”.  The badge cover automatically stays inside the Badge maker.

 Step 3: Take “tray number 2” and put the Metal back plate (with hole), with its rim upwards.  Slide the “tray number 2 into the                     Badge Maker completely. Turn the axe downwards until you hear two CLICK sound, then turn the axe back to its highest                   position again and take out “tray number 2”, your badge is ready!

Step 4: Put the badge on the table, backside facing upward, then put the plastic pin holder into the back of the badge and click-in

             with the safety pin.  Now the badge is ready to be put on your clothes or other things firmly.

Product includes : 1 pc Badge Machine, 2 pcs Insert tray, 1 pc Circle shaped Stencil, 24 pcs Metal Cover plate,

                              24 pcs Metal Back plate with hole, 2 sheets of Design pattern, 4 sheets of Transparent film,
                              24 pcs Safety pin, 24 pcs plastic pin holder.

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